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துளிர்கல்வி வலைதளம் தங்களை அன்புடன் வரவேற்கிறது,,, நட்பில் இணைந்திருங்கள்,, நன்றி!
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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Some Important abbreviations for Teachers

Some Important abbreviations for Teachers

BEO* - Block Education Officer,

*APO **- Assistant Project Officer,
*ALM*- Active Learning Methodology,
*SABL* - Simplified Activity Based Learning,
*SALM* - Simplified Active Learning Methodology,
*BRC* - Block Resource Center,
*BRTE*- Block Resource Teacher Educator,
*CEO* - Chief Educational Officer,
*CRC* - Cluster Resource Center,
*CAL* - Computer Aided Learning ,
*CCE*- Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation,
*CWSN*- Children With Special Need ,
*FA*- Formative Assessment,
*SA*- Summative Assessment,
*DEO* - District Educational Officer,
*DEEO* -  District Elementary Educational Officer,
*DEE* - Directorate of Elementary Education
*DSE* - Directorate of School Education,
*DGE* - Directorate of Government Examinations,
*DTERT* -   Directorate of Teacher Education Research and Training,
*DIET* - District Institute of Education & Training
*DPEP* - District Primary Education Programme,
*DPO* - District Project office,
*DPI* - Directorate of Public Information,
*DISE* - District Information System for Education,
*EER*- Elementary Education Register,
*EMIS* - Educational Management Information System,
*IE*- Inclusive Education ,
*JD* - Joint Director,
*JRC*- Junior Red Cross,,
*KGBV*- Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya,
*LSRW*- Listening Speaking, Reading & Writing,
*NMMS* - National Means cum Merit Scholarship,
*NCERT* - National Council of Education Research & Training ,
*NSS* - National Service Scheme,
*NCC* - National Caded Crops ,
*NCTE* - National Council of Teacher Education ,
*NCPCR* - National Commission for Protection of Child Rights,
*NIC* - National Informatics Center,
*NCF* - National Curriculum Framework,
*NUEPA* -  National University of Educational Planning and Administration,
*OSC*- Out of School Children,
*PINDICS*- Performance Indicators,
*PA* - Periodical Assessment,
*PTA* - Parents Teachers Association ,
*PET* - Physical Education Teacher,
*QMT*- Quality Monitoring Tools,
*RMSA* - Rashtriya Madyamik Shiksha Abhiyan,
*RTI*- Right to Information
*RTE* - Rights to Education,
*RSTC*- Residential Special Training Centre,
*SSA* -  Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan,
*SPD*- State Project Director,
*SLAS*- State Level Achievement Survey,
*NAS*- National Achievement Survey, *SLM kit*- Self Learning Materials kit,
*SVP* - Swachh Vidyalaya Puraskar,
*SCERT* - State Council of Education Research & Training,
*SMC* - School Management Committee,
*UDISE* - Unified District Information System for Education ,
*UNICEF* - United Nations International Children Education Fund ,

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